Yard Bar, Austin’s First Bar, Restaurant, and Dog Park

Super awesome! I had the plDSC_1574_edited_facebookoptimizedeasure of doing some photography work for Kristen Heaney at Yard Bar this past weekend. She and I were co-workers in our past Architectural lives many, many years ago. We spent countless hours working late, late, late nights in the studio doing architectural projects. And now nearly ten years later, we are getting to work together again but this time doing stuff we don’t just love but are crazy passionate about!DSC_2137_edited_facebookoptimized

When she first told me about her idea of creating Austin’s first Bar, Restaurant, and Dog Park, I was like “sounds pretty cool.” The thing is, I completely underestimated how “pretty cool” her vision was. I’m not super familiar with dog parks but I do love taking Daisy to EVERY restaurant I can bring her. So the combination of the dog park AND bar/eatery didn’t quite sink in.

After getting to visit and experience Yard Bar this weekend, I am completely and utterly sold. It’s heaven for dog lovers with a social life! I wouldn’t even call it a dog park, I’d call it doggy heaven. The parks are clean with the bonus of the woodchips smelling like Christmas. And the large dog play area is so well monitored by the bark rangers that you can totally chill out like an Austinite and enjoy the heat and beer while your monkeys roam!


I immediately felt like this was a place I wanted Daisy to learn to socialize in despite having never felt compelled to bring her to any dog park before. This is the first park I feel is totally safe for my little fur babe to spread her wings and play. And I find myself wanting to go back and just hang out in the small dog park and watch the sunset with my little girl. It feels comfortable, it feels so chill.

It’s like Cheers for dogs, except everybody knows your bark.

I haven’t even mentioned the food yet! I’ll save that for another post. I’ll just leave you with this picture to salivate on…


I’m hoping to become a regular at the park, both to enjoy and experience dog park life as well as photograph all the wonderful variety of furry Yard Bar customers.

If you ever see Daisy and I out there, please say hello! We’d love to meet you.

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