Daisy Learning to Play

Play Pack
Daisy finally joining in the fun

Yesterday was Daisy’s first time playing with other dogs in the small dog park at Yardbar. It was a very nerve wracking but also super proud moment for me. Since she’s such a tiny dog, I’ve never felt too safe having her play in regular dog parks.

She usually stays leashed on our walks in large parks for her own safety and the few times she has tried a go at play, she’s been accidentally trampled. She doesn’t always realize how tiny she is compared to bigger dogs.

I was definitely that nail biting momma who was hoping her baby would do well automatically. Of course, she didn’t click at first. She was scared and hiding behind my legs and would yap often at other dogs that she wasn’t sure of.

Bob Barker
Bob Barker, four year old cairn terrier

Luckily, she made two great friends who are super socially trained pups; Bob Barker (yup, awesome name!!!) and Huckleberry!

Bob is a four year old cairn terrier who was adopted a year ago by Liz who took him in after his previous owner passed. He was so sweet and chill, scoping the perimeter and let Daisy sniff his bum repeatedly until she was satisfied he was cool.

Huckleberry was definitely the center of the party! He’s a yorkshire terrier less than a year old but quite outgoing and fearless. He got Daisy to join the chase a couple of times and was also enjoying teasing the dogs in the big kid park. I was impressed!

Hucklebery Friendly
Huckleberry being super brave and friendly. Daisy shadowed him a lot trying to gauge her own courage

They both helped Daisy learn to run around and join the chases. We found it much easier to get her to socialize though if we weren’t sitting down. Once we established a “home territory”, she would try to return to a defensive, tuck-tail base. She also does not know how to handle dogs who are extremely interested in her. She wasn’t sure why her bum was so intriguing and would yap and try to run into my arms.

I’m hoping as we continue to visit the Yardbar park, we’ll be able to get her to come out of her shell and enjoy play dates with other dogs. If you’d like to set up a playdate at Yardbar with us, you can message us anytime. We’re on the #BarkHappy app and all other social media at DaisyGirlStudio. I’m going to try to bring her at least twice a month if possible.

Thanks again to Bob and Huckleberry for showing Daisy the ropes!

Hooman pack
Hoomans from Left to Right: Daniel, Saturday, Liz (Bob’s mom), and Maureen (Huckleberry’s mom)